Anthony A. Gonzalez, a native of San Antonio, Texas has been painting professionally for the past 30 years. He currently works from his studio located north of San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country. His paintings extend across many traditional subjects in landscape, still life, portraiture and figurative, but his passion and specialty is in the exploration of the various subtleties of the feminine figure. Through the inspired use of form, color and costume he hopes to convey a level of feeling or emotional experience that will connect with the viewer. He works primarily in oils and his work is representational. Much of his work centers on the subtle attributes of the feminine mystique.  The paintings are meant to lead the viewer to experiences that are moments suspended in time.  These eternal moments touch on the endless expressions and attitudes of the female.   The models he hires for his paintings must be able to express these attitudes.

Gonzalez says, "Each model has a uniqueness of her own and with the use of form and color my goal is to capture her expression and attitude and convey that to the viewer.  There expressions and attitudes present me with endless creative possibilities and this is what inspires me to paint."

In addition to his main body of work, Anthony accepts portrait commissions: most notables have been San Antonio mayors, Howard Peak and Nelson Wolff. In Anthony's portraits he strives to capture the personal expressions and attitudes of the individual to make it unique. He is featured in the Best of Portrait Paintings, published by North Light Books and the December 2011, 2012 and April 2015 issue of American Art Collector Magazine and in the November 2014 issue of Visual Language Contemporary Fine Art Magazine.  His works have been shown nationally and internationally and are in collections in the United States, England, Europe and Mexico.

Viewers of Anthony's work often praise the natural expressions captured in his paintings. And the technical skill of his work and his sense of beauty are greatly admired by collectors and fans.

Anthony takes every opportunity to expand and develop his skills and personal style. He draws and paints from life often to continually perfect his skills. He attended The Art Institute at McNay in San Antonio, Texas and Academia Atrium in Madrid, Spain and taken numerous workshops with nationally know artists but most of his signature style is self-developed.

Anthony shares his knowledge and skill with other aspiring artists and students by conducting demonstrations in oil, drawing and watercolor. He also puts his energy into conducting workshops regionally, nationally and internationally.

His mission is to paint and enjoy the passion of painting expressions and attitudes and hope that others will enjoy the results of that passion.

Anthony A Gonzalez Resume.

Comments on Anthony A. González  Paintings:

Your work is amazing.   Linda
I love this piece, Anthony! Wonderful stuff.   Don
Wonderful technique and execution!   Susan
Subtle, but beautiful palette. I like the shadows patterns on her face and how the hair blends here and there with the shadows. Lovely.   Kim
Your people are beautiful, I'd know them on the street if I walked by them.
To me she is both sensual & powerful, a wonderful combo you captured in this painting.   Gerald
Beautiful work Anthony, Best Regards.   Trevor
All of your paintings are amazing! There is so much emotion in their faces. It almost tells a story. Love your style and I'm looking forward to seeing your next portrait.   hmuxo
Your paintings are beautiful!!!   Joan
Great Work good sources of inspiration.   Skizo
This is a marvelous portrait, Anthony. I love her innocent expression. You make it look so easy!   Diana Moses Botkin
Beautiful painting. She is so expressive.   Jessie
Like the expression, brilliant work.   Rishi
This is one of my favorites! WOW!!! You are incredible my friend.   Laurie
Beautiful as always Anthony. I love the sumptuous textures and rich earth tones you utilize in your paintings.   Kim
What a wonderful painting.   Delilah
I believe your titles add an emotional content to the painting. It also helps pique my interest to draw me into the picture. Beautiful work!   Trudy 
Lovely painting. The title fits her expression very well.   Anna
Anthony your work is always Great.   Gerald
What a delightful painting, full of life and joy of living. It's both simple and complex, full of humor and curiosity. Beautiful brushstrokes and palette just as rich as needed.   Inna
Lovely colors and light with nicely done hair Anthony.   Candy
Anthony, I always enjoy your sense of composition and your painterly style. I'm taking a class on staging portraits at the moment, which gives me an even greater appreciation for what you do. Best regards.   Candace
Beautiful indeed!   Arti
Excellent work! Greetings from Holland.   Schilderijen
Mind blowing work. You have captured her emotions fantastically. Well done.   Megha
Beautiful!! This painting has the ambience found in works by the masters, with the fluid composition punctuated by raw colors presented in hight contrats. Beautiful.   Jeanne
It's beautiful!!! the way you use the light and the colors is wonderful. I really like it Congratulations for your paintings and drawings.   Mayka
Outstanding work Anthony. A master without doubt.   Trevor
Somewhat reminiscent of Swedish painter Anders Zorn.   Kraxpelax
beautiful composition..your figures are painted so well. The face, the hair, the body, the wrap..everything is just beautiful. And you call it practice?!!
Oh this is so beautiful. Reminds me of a J W Waterhouse painting.   Deb
Great exotic movement. Always enjoy seeing your new pieces.   Pat
Very lovely anthony - very Edward Burne-Jones!   Peter